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Steps to Beginning ABA Therapy



Start by completing the online New ABA Client Form. You will be able to enter important information, such as your insurance information and your child's availability for services. You will be placed on the waitlist at this time. 

*The waitlist is currently closed for 1:1 evening clients.


Phone Consultation

Our Administrative Director of Autism Services will call you for a free phone consultation when we have an opening that may be a potential fit for your child. You will be able to provide some initial information about your child and your goals/needs for ABA Therapy services, as well as ask preliminary questions. 


Paperwork & Intake

If your child's goals/needs and our program seem to be a good fit for each other, we will check your insurance benefits and have you complete our intake paperwork. We can then schedule the initial virtual Intake Meeting with one of our BCBA's to go over our policies and sign consents for services.



Our Administrative Director will work with you and the assigned BCBA/LBA to schedule and complete one or more observations of your child. After all necessary information and observations have been obtained, the BCBA/LBA will write a comprehensive report.


Feedback Session

Once the report is completed, the BCBA/LBA will schedule a feedback session with you. During this feedback session, all results will be reviewed with you and the BCBA/LBA will provide recommendations for services, including recommended number of hours, location of services, and goals for services.


Parent Approval & 

Insurance Prior Authorization

Once the report has been signed by you, our team will send in the necessary information to your insurance to obtain prior authorization for services. 


Schedule & Start Date

Once both parent and insurance approval have been obtained, the team will work to secure staffing for your child’s services, finalize the schedule, and set a start date for services to officially begin.    


Therapy Begins!

The BCBA/LBA and Behavior Therapist(s) will begin working with your child, following a customized ABA therapy program to work towards the goals identified and agreed upon during the assessment process. Parent meetings will also begin, to keep you up to date on progress and support your own implementation of skills in the home.

For a free consultation to discuss services that are appropriate for your child, please contact Jessica Leduc,

Administrative Director of Autism Services, at or 

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