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Record Review

When working with our Education Consulting Services, a record review can be completed to provide written feedback for you in navigating educational choices for your student. A record review can include:

  • Reviewing reports and documents provided by family and providing written feedback, suggestions and education 

  • Ensuring that reports are written to address the individualized goals and objectives for each child

  • Ensuring that progress reports are provided per quarter from each professional working with a child

  • Ensuring a child’s medical needs and diagnosis are accurately represented on their educational plan and that the needs reflected are in alignment with the whole child

  • Developing an action plan to address discrepancies

  • Providing education to the family on terminology

  • Empowering the family to comfortably communicate with the school about their educational records


Record Review Cost

  • Initial 1 Hour: $100

  • Every Additional Hour: $75

*Time spent includes review of records and providing written feedback

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