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Dr. Jill Jenkins, PsyD

Dr. Jill Jenkins is a Licensed Psychologist, providing comprehensive evaluation services for children and adolescents. She is an internationally recognized psychologist who holds practicing certificates and licensures in New York, the United Kingdom, Spain, and with the European Federation of Psychologists' Association (European qualification of competence in psychology for independent practice recognized in 24 European countries).

Dr. Jenkins is an experienced psychologist, with thirty years of background in working with children (birth to college aged), parents and schools on a wide variety of issues, from the most common developmental challenges to severe psychiatric issues. She provides services to children and parents directly, as well as providing whole school services (crisis intervention, school policy development, development of whole school wellness curriculum, parenting talks and teacher training).

Over the years Dr. Jenkins has established herself as an expert in the field of psycho-educational and developmental assessment. Dr. Jenkins is known for giving highly individualized attention to the students that she feels honored to be evaluating; collecting extensive data for her results, collaborating with children's schools, and providing uniquely tailored recommendations for parents and teachers within their content.

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