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Renee Newhoff

Renee is a Licensed Master Social Worker, providing therapy services for children, adolescents, and families at Freedom First Psychological Services.

Renee has experience working with children, adolescents, and families, as well as adult women, in various settings. Renee's previous experience has included work in medical settings, such as hospital acute care, ER, intensive care and ambulatory surgery, as well as inpatient rehabilitation for TBI, stroke, and spinal cord injury. Renee also previously spent many years working with children, adolescents and families at a hospital-based outpatient children's mental health clinic.

Renee has dedicated much of her work over the years to those seeking help for trauma, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, terminal illness, illness/injury recovery, ADHD, Autism, and more.

Renee completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Russell Sage College, Troy NY. and her Master's Degree in Social Welfare from SUNY Albany Rockefeller Center School of Social Welfare. Renee also holds two specialized certificates in Trauma and Telehealth Services.

Renee practices a client centered and strength-based approach. This approach, as well as having worked with such a wide variety of clientele, including clients in retail business management, labor construction, music recording industry, and Veterans' motorcycle subcultural clubs, along with owning a small animal rescue hobby farm herself, has helped her to bring character and authenticity to her work.

Renee prefers to get to know her clients/families before diving into treatment. Building a therapeutic alliance through honesty and trust helps to set the stage for the real work to begin. 

Renee sees clients out of our Middleburgh satellite office, as well as virtually. 

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