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Freedom First Psychological Services, PLLC specializes in both psychological/psychoeducational evaluation and treatment/therapy in a caring and supportive environment to the Capital Region of NY. These services are designed to help you take important steps towards achieving your goals. Freedom First Psychological Services clinicians have an array of clinical expertise and provide individualized, supportive and solution-focused services across many areas. Individual, family, and marriage/couples counseling therapy services are available to individuals of all ages. 

In regard to psychological/psychoeducational evaluation services, our team of Licensed Psychologists provide comprehensive assessment services, from children to adults, tailored to your unique situation and needs.  One common reason to seek a psychological evaluation may be that you or your child are engaged in mental health treatment and your therapist or psychiatrist have recommended a psychological evaluation to clarify diagnoses. Another common reason may be to provide documentation of diagnoses to determine eligibility for services or academic accommodations. Students who struggle to perform academically may benefit from a professional evaluation to identify strategies for improvement and help in accessing accommodations.  Similarly, students who are high achievers may also benefit from a professional evaluation to enrich their academic career. Our Licensed Psychologists will provide an expert and individualized evaluation to meet your needs in either these or other unique circumstances.  Click here for more information on our evaluation services. 

Therapy and counseling services are also available through Freedom First Psychological Services, PLLC. Due to the variety of our clinicians' areas of expertise and treatment approaches, available services include: individual, family, or marriage/couples counseling for individuals of all ages. Our clinicians aim to provide a supportive environment for you to identify your individualized needs and make steps towards meeting your goals and improving your quality of life. Click here for more information on our therapy and treatment services. For more information about our clinicians, including their areas of expertise and treatment approaches, please see the About Us page.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information about assessment and treatment services or to make an appointment with one of our clinicians and take the first step towards successfully achieving your goals!